Steps to your profile

Your profile is your mirror which represents you. All customers of will browse through the listing and decide on whom they may want to connect.

We are being transparent and will display your email address, phone number along with other details. It is totally open platform for clients to connect with you directly. We are not charging clients or the coaches on this platform.

To increase the chances of a client to choose your profile, you need to ensure the following.

1. Make sure that your expertise stands our clearly so that you get the right clients.

2. Add 1-2 success stories in your profile that will connect closely with your expertise.

3. Ensure that your profile is complete in all aspects

4. You can submit your blogs / articles at with the subject blog. Our team will review the same and publish it on the blog page. This will make more clients want to talk with you.

5. Offer 1st session free to check compatibility. This will also ensure that your clients understand you better and expectation setting can be done.

6. Ensure that you have a good high resolution profile picture as customers will choose to connect basis what they see on the profile. It also increases your chances of being visible on featured coaches list.

FAQ for Coaches

We are here to connect people with their coaches or gurus or mentors so that they learn & grow to being happier, healthier, wealthier and prosperous.

We do this by providing a free platform for coaches and coachee to connect seamlessly. is a comprehensive collection of hundreds of professional coaches across the globe. Our uniqueness is the effort we take to match the needs of the clients so that they can find their perfect coach to achieve their desired objectives

We give our clients 2 options:

First, clients can scroll our directory of coaches, shortlist their preference and then book a free consultation to get to know each other before starting coaching. We provide our clients the flexibility to look up specialization, location, and other client ratings.

Second, clients can leave their requirements and our team at the backend will match the information to most suitable coaches. endeavors to help you find more and more clients. comes with no strings attached and is absolutely free for clients. Site also has a free listing option for coaches.

For coaches, who want to be matched with client requirements, we provide a Gold and Platinum coach options.